DoItQuick - Because There's So Much More To Do!

What is DoItQuick?

DoItQuick is a selection of booths within the r/lgbt Minecraft server made for various purposes. The goal of Quickbooths is to provide customers with a specific need, for free and quickly. Quickbooths are usually found in cities, although locations which recieve a fair amount of traffic may also have one. Types of quickbooths range from the QuickCraft line, made for fast material crafting, to the QuickCraft line, made to provide customers with a quick place to sleep. DoItQuick is funded by the owner, MarshmelloSUCKS, who builds and maintains the quickbooths. QuickBooths can also be built and maintained by partners.

Where can I find a QuickBooth?

You can use our location finder to find a location near you.

How would I become a DoItQuick partner?

All you need to do is send me an email, stating your home location in coordinates, your username, and the reason you want to join. Once you become a partner, you are authorized to display a certification badge in the QuickBooths you build.

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