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Stereo Tool Presets

A collection of Stereo Tool presets, either ones I've made myself or ones I've modified. These presets were made with version 9.92, but slightly older versions should still work.

Usage Note: Feel free to use these presets for your own station, whether it's internet radio, unlicensed FM/AM, or licensed FM/AM. If you want to let me know about your use of these presets, reach out to me here.

2023/10/16 - Changelog:
- Smooth and Easy: Tweaked stereo settings for a more natural sound
- Other Presets: Added "Analog Pleasure Modified"

Smooth and Easy

A group of presets intended to prioritize consistent levels and tonal balance over loudness. Intended primarily for internet radio use, but these presets work good over the air if you don't care about being the loudest station on the dial.

Natural - Good for most formats, especially good for Adult Contemporary and Variety formats.

Relaxed - A quieter version of the Natural preset. Good for smooth jazz and classical formats.

Warm - Puts emphasis on bass, up to about 250Hz. Good for Oldies and other Nostalgia formats.

Sane Bass Boost - Puts emphasis on sub-bass, up to about 120Hz. Good for Hot A.C. and CHR formats.

Phat Bass Boost - Puts extra emphasis on sub-bass. Good for urban formats.

Optimod 8200 Hard Bass

Based on the "8200HardBass" preset from Stereo Tool forum user Krokodil. Tonal balance favors sub-bass and higher end treble. These presets use the Advanced Clipper effect, a paid feature.

Small Market - A relaxed preset for smaller markets and internet radio use.

Medium Market - A preset for mid-sized markets. Good for over-the-air use.

Big Market - A preset for massive radio markets. Prioritizes loudness over audio quality.

Other Presets

Analog Pleasure Modified - A modified version of Hans van Sutphen's "Analog Pleasure Deluxe", included as a stock web radio preset in Stereo Tool. Uses Advanced Clipper, a paid feature.

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