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My 2020 Christmas Wishlist

This year has been absolute hell, but it's that time of year where gift giving happens. Here's what I want this holliday season.

Star Labs's Star Lite Mk.III

While this laptop isn't much of an upgrade over mine, it has twice the memory and storage, meaning I can have more things open at once and store more things. It charges over USB-C and is made for Linux.

Configuration Options

Keyboard: English (US)

Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04

Storage: 240GB

Power Adapter: US Type A

Optional Accessories: None

Creality Ender 3 v2

My parents knew this one was coming because I never shut up about it. Having a 3D printer would be really convenient for smaller items I want to make.


2KG Black PLA Fillament

1KG White PLA Fillament

BL Touch Auto-Leveling Kit

Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera

My current Panasonic ZS70 just isn't cutting it for me. Images from it are always noisy, so I'd like to get a camera with a larger sensor. Thankfully, the a6000 has the sensor of a DSLR in the body of a compact camera.


SanDisk Extreme Plus 256GB

Western Digital 4TB Black Hard Drive

Samsung 970 Evo 512GB SSD

More storage is always nice to have. Seagate isn't reliable and an NVME SSD will be way faster than my current one.

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