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More About Me

- I'm a neurodivergent 15 year old that lives in rural Iowa. Not really a fan of it.

- I identify as a bisexual aromantic. I'm demimale, but I'm starting to lean towards nonbinary. He/they, "they" being prefered.

- I'm big into tech, including new and old computers, Web 1.0 stuff, and A/V equipment. I'm also big into Linux.

- I love dead malls. The feeling you get when you walk around in one is something else.

- I'm a little bit of a furry. Don't have a sona, just love the art.

- Cats for LIFE. I have two of them, those two being Millie and Sophie.

- Most of my HTML experience comes with messing around with stuff. I've improved over the years, going from this to this.

- In the future, I plan on going into the Computer Science field. I'm interested in software development.

(Might even write software while wearing some programming socks and a programming dress.)

I think that's enough for now. Thanks for bothering to read this!

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