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Some Pictures of mine

I'm a little bit of a photography nerd, I love cats, and I really love sunset pictures and malls. Here's some images I've captured.

NOTE: I won't send Pixsy after you, but uncredited use of my images is something I won't be happy with. If you would like to use an image for commercial use or in a publication, message me via Twitter.

Another note: To see an image in full-size, click on it.

Dillards Wing in the Oak View Mall (Omaha, NE) My fluffy chonker Millie behind my netbook Missouri River (Yankton, SD) Gavin's Point Dam in Yankton, SD Missouri River (Yankton, SD) My netbook on a hotel table Sophie looking pretty for the camera Sophie, lyng cutely on my parents' bed Millie, looking majestic in her bed Sophie, sitting nice and cute Millie, just chillin' Millie, standing tall and proud Sophie and some flowers Sophie lying amongst flowers A now-closed Great American Cookies (Southern Hills Mall, Sioux City, IA) A closed Sears at the Southern Hills Mall (Sioux City, IA) The sky, supporting bi rights A now closed Pizza Hut in Denison, IA The Dairy Queen in Denison, IA that hasn't been touched since the 70s (Externally hosted) A shed at my aunt's house

Lower Quality Images

Images that aren't "good enough" to be in the main collection, but still deserve a spot on this page.

A picture of a nearby electronics store Sophie and Millie, both on the couch Millie, sleeping in a relatively weird position A bridge at the local park Millie on my Thinkpad (aka a chonker on a chonker) Millie, chillin on the couch Millie and sophie, next to each other on my bed A stray street cat Millie, lying on my netbook Millie in a box Millie, sleeping on my bed Millie, sitting weird Sophie on my parents' bed's headboard Deli section of a local grocery store Produce section of a local grocery store Sophie, mid-yawn Some white, puffy clouds over a field A picture of the nearby grocery store, in all of its glorious 90s style A picture of my Windows 98 setup, featuring my main PC to the side

Imgur Galleries

Crossroads Mall - A gallery of images of the Crossroads Mall in Omaha, NE, taken during my visit on January 11, 2020.

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