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Update: I made a page for my cats! Also edited the frontpage a bit. (2023/09/26)

Welcome to my website!

I guess I should go over who I am, and what I’m doing here.

- I’m msxdotgay, an 18 y/o that lives in rural Iowa. It’s not that great here.

- I'm bisexual, aromantic, and non-binary. I’ve been out as bisexual since around 2020, and am still questioning my gender.

- I’m a huge radio and computer nerd. I daily drive Pop!_OS, and use Windows XP and 7 on the side.

- I’m fairly introverted. I keep to myself, unless I’ve established that I can open up to you.

- My current plan is to become a broadcast engineer. I’d start out with radio, and transition to television if I wanted to. I'm currently in college studying to become an audio engineer.

- I made this webpage as a place to be myself. I host pictures I’ve taken, projects I’ve done, and whatever else I want to fit on this page. Check out the Directory to see what lives here, and don’t be afraid to get lost.

- I’m definitely a cat person. My two cats are Millie, a fat tabby cat, and Sophie, a calico cat. They’re pictured here:

Millie, a fat tabby cat, sitting behind an Asus EeePC netbook. Sophie, a normal sized calico cat, laying slightly curled on a bed. Her right front paw is positioned to the right of her mouth.
(Millie, sitting behind my netbook / Sophie, posing for the camera)

Read more about me or my cats, if you want to

Where To Find Me

I'm currently active on:
- Twitter: @IowanEASFan
- Tumblr: msxdotgay
- SpaceHey: msxdotgay
- Neocities: marshmellosucks

If you need to reach out to me, you can do so through e-mail to webmaster [at]

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