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Update: I've changed the look of my Icecast server, check it out here! (2021/10/06)

Welcome to my site!

Here's some bullet point stuff about me because I suck at paragraphs.

- I'm 16 y/o and live in rural Iowa
- I'm bisexual as fuck but also aro
-Little bit of a furry too (I like the art, back off)
- I love messing with old tech
-I'm also into anything neon
- I'm a Linux fanboy but love Windows XP and 7
- I'm fairly active on Twitter
-I have a couple cuties, they're below.

Millie, sitting behind my netbook Sophie, posing for the camera

(Millie, sitting behind my netbook / Sophie, posing for the camera)

- Oh yeah, I'm a cat person.

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