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The Guestbook - See who's been here or enter your name.

ByteTalk Radio - The Internet's radio station for new and old tech talk.

wave88.3 - Iowa's only vaporwave radio station.

Firefox 1.0 Start - The Firefox 1.0 start page, adapted to work with various search engines. - A way to show that you're hella gay on the internet. - A miniature version of this website, served from a 3.5" floppy disk.

Site Pages

More About Me - Read more about me, if you want to.

Buttons and Awards - Web buttons I and sites I like have made. Also features awards this site has been given.

Cassette Collection - (WORK IN PROGRESS) My collection of cassette tapes.

(NEW!) My Cats - A page with some information on my cats.

The MillieCam - A live webcam, placed where my cats tend to hang out.

Radio Stuff - Various things relating to the world of radio.

Web Projects

MeTube - Broadcast Myself.

Cable Guide - A cable guide I made using HTML.

Random Stuff

The Picrew Collection - A few avatars I've made using Picrew.

The Manifesto of - My thoughts on how Web 2.0 killed creativity on the internet.

WHY NEOCITIES IS AMAZING - A PowerPoint slide made using Office 97.

A Classic Hits playlist - A Deezer playlist containing pop and rock from the 60's up to the 90's.

A Hot Mess: The Playlist - A Deezer playlist containing alternative and mainstream music.

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